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Why is a CPA needed for retirement income and estate planning?

Tax services were designed to help the client throughout the planning process to help ensure financial stability and minimize tax potential. A major concern when deciding how and where to invest retirement money is the tax consequences associated with these monies and the continued changes that occur with estate taxes.

The amount owed to the IRS often is determined by how we position ourselves and how we proactively prepare. Proper tax planning can reduce the amount of tax liability we have on an ongoing basis. Once a client and the Tax advisor determine the best investment strategy, a tax projection is prepared to enable informed decisions on both simple and complex strategies.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) provide an overview of tax liability. Many clients are confused about the difference between a CPA, tax preparer, and bookkeeper.

The goal of a CPA is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. Your tax preparation can be conducted either in person, by mail, or e-mail, whichever is most convenient for you. 

Tax services can assist with a review of your personal tax returns, an analysis of estate tax, and preparation of trust tax returns.

John brings more than 35 years in diverse tax and business consulting experience to his role as a Certified Public Accountant. Focused on services for individuals, estates, trusts, and small to medium sized businesses, as well as clients in the nonprofit sector, he is committed to delivering tax services that meet each client’s unique objectives.

John has gained extensive accounting and tax experience as a manager at CPA firms and serving as Chief Financial Officer for several private companies. John has expertise in providing comprehensive accounting services, including individual, corporate, partnership, estates, trusts, and nonprofit income tax returns and audits, compilations, reviews, and payroll tax reports.

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John Phillips, CPA

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